Victor Garber as Thomas Andrews in “Titanic”: Always crying at this part -# 4

(inspired by this:

The first time I watched Titanic with my brother I was in an overly emotional state already but at this part I startled the boy half to death by dissolving into noisy sobs. It’s just his little nod that does me in. Oh god. ;__; BUT the last time we watched it together (a few days ago) we both started crying at him stood fixing the hands of the clock. Tom (my brother is called Thomas) admitted it was the only thing that got to him.

Oh, yes, that little nod, it’s almost like “welcome home, Rose; we’ve missed you.” *cries* Cameron definitely ups the ante with each successive person as Rose approaches the stairs. There’s Murdoch, then Thomas, then Jack is supposed to be the most impactful but for me it’s Thomas. :-D

Strangely enough my brother’s name is Tom, too. 0_o

Is it weird that a few of us has a brother named Thomas?

In my (our case) it’s a family name. My Mother’s father and step-father were both called Thomas, as was her grandfather and his father before him. Thomas was called Thomas years and years before he was born. :-) It’s debateable over whether or not I can have children. But if I can and do at some far off point… Well. The boy’s name is already sorted. ;-)